Begun in Italy in the 13th century, the Renaissance lasted nearly 400 years and spanned the European continent. It was a rebirth of knowledge after the darkness of the Middle Ages, and its goal was to spread culture and learning across the world. Many of the arts are prominently featured in this period, and music was an important part of the movement.

History tends to soften and obscure parts of the past, but the Renaissance is still taught about and celebrated to this day. Festivals are held on an annual basis in many areas, and they serve as a reminder of the historical important of that time. They are also a way for people to share in the basis for today’s cultures, and they celebrate this by showing people how their ancestors lived during that time. Music is an integral part of both the Renaissance as well as its modern festivals.


Instruments of the Renaissance

Since it spans approximately four centuries, the Renaissance produced a large body of music. The artists who produced and played...


The Historical Accuracy of Renaissance Music

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Minstrels and Troubadours

Information traveled slowly during the Renaissance, and it took hundreds of years for it to spread throughout the European continent....